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Greek Festival

Photos provided by Greek Festival Facebook page

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Date: June 4 & 5, 2021
Time: 3:00pm-8:00pm | 11:00am-7:00pm
Location: Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

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About “To Go”

Satiate your cravings for Greek Food! Order mouth-watering dishes online “To Go!”, then drive-thru and pick up your order. Choose from dinners, a la carte dishes, grilled favorites and desserts.

This was so popular last year in October (the Greek Festival was cancelled due to Covid-19), it’s back by popular demand in June! Don’t miss out! Place your orders now!

Photos provided by Greek Festival Facebook page

About the Greek Festival

Once a determination has been made when the Greek Festival will be held again, you can count on totally immersing yourself in Greek culture. That includes performances by a famous, international Greek band, dance lessons, and homemade Greek dishes. In fact, this festival isn’t dissimilar to being in southeastern Europe on one of the thousands of islands that make up Greece.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite practicing the Syrtos dance and have satisfied your hunger with yummy traditional food, enjoy time browsing the many vendors that also participate in the Greek Festival. Among items for sale at vendor booths include jewelry, woodworks, paintings, ceramics, clothing and more.

If you’re attending the festival with children, they’ll enjoy the bounce house, games, and arts and crafts at the Family Fun Center. One thing is certain, each year the festival provides an enlightening, culturally rich and fun environment for all.

Photos provided by Greek Festival Facebook page

Greek Food

If it is solely Greek food beckoning you to the Greek Festival then you won’t be disappointed. From appetizers to desserts and even Greek liquor, the festival’s menu is as Greek as it is delicious. Start your meal with the traditional Greek salad then choose from entrees like roasted lamb or moussaka (similar to shepherd’s pie but with eggplant and béchamel sauce). Or, opt for an item off the grill like a gyro or pork or chicken Souvlaki sandwich. Afterward, take your pick from baklava (a filo pastry with walnuts and spice and topped with honey), kataifi (rolled shredded filo filled with walnuts and dipped in honey), melomakarona (honey dipped spice cookies with ground nuts), and a variety of other tasty pastries for dessert.

Greek Music and Dance Lessons

A variation of both traditional and contemporary Greek music are included in the festival’s music lineup.    You can ususally count on many performances by the famous, international Greek band, Ellada.  In between performances, dance troupes will show off their skills during routines they’ve practiced throughout the year.  Finally, all are invited to learn and practice select traditional Greek dances. Opa!

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