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St. Augustine Festival of Art

Photo provided by St Augustine Art Association Facebook page

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Date:  Saturday and Sunday, Thanksgiving Weekend 2022
Location: Francis Field, 25 W Castillo Dr, St. Augustine, FL  32084

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About the St. Augustine Festival of Art

The St. Augustine Festival of Art is an annual Thanksgiving tradition and one of St. Augustine’s oldest festivals.  This premier outdoor art fair attracts thousands of visitors, art collectors, and savvy shoppers.

Featured are over 130 top national and regional artists exhibiting original works of fine art for sale.  The artwork includes paintings, pottery, jewelry, sculpture, glassware, fiber art, photography, mixed media and more.  In fact, this is a great opportunity to do your Holiday shopping!

Photo provided by St Augustine Art Association Facebook page

More than just artwork

The event includes more than artwork.  There’s also live music and entertainment, artist demonstrations, Kids Art Zone, pet amenities, and food and beverages.  Be sure to visit the Prize Tent where you can register for prize drawings.

Pull up a chair and enjoy the live music. It’s a great opportunity to listen to your favorite local musician or someone you never had the opportunity to hear before.  Brought to you by the Gamble Rogers Folk Festival.

Watch anything from pen and ink techniques, hands-on weaving or talk about clay, how to burnish pottery for Raku firing and more at one of the Artist Demos.

At the Kids Art Zone, kids can create their own masterpieces giving them a way to express their inner artist.  Sometimes Santa Claus is even there for a Meet and Greet.

SAFE Pet Rescue is usually on hand tempting you with pets that can be adopted.  And, there’s a pet area for water, treats and other amenities for your furry friend(s) that you’ve brought along.

Food & beverages can be found in the Hospitality Center, so you won’t go hungry or thirsty either.

So, as you can see, there is something for everyone!

Proceeds from the St. Augustine Festival of Art benefits educational, outreach and exhibition programs of the St. Augustine Art Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization.

Photo provided by St Augustine Art Association Facebook page

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