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Vilano Fest in Vilano Beach, Florida

Dates and the schedule for Vilano Fest 2022 are to be determined. The information on this page is from the Vilano Fest in 2019. We will update this page as soon as details are released.

Date: 2022; date to be determined
Website: Vilano Fest

About the Vilano Fest

Vilano Beach is a quaint beach town located right outside of St. Augustine. Although it’s just a mile or two away from the Nation’s Oldest City, it’s characteristics vastly differ from those of St. Augustine. In fact, the Vilano Fest (as well as the Vilano Music Fest) was created to celebrate the area’s unique qualities.

The Vilano Fest is a collaboration by Vilano Beach locals and Vilano Beach Main Street. It is also based off the already popular annual event, the Dish N’ Fish. The festival offers an opportunity for residents of the area and visitors to mingle in a beach town that has so much more to offer than the beach.

Sea Turtle Soiree

Date: November of 2020
Time: 6 pm to 10 pm
Location: Vilano Beach Fishing Pier
Tickets: $60 per person, must be purchased in advance; VIP: $175 for two, includes a ticket for Tour of Homes, VIP parking, VIP tour trolley, swag bag, a bottle of bubbly at the soiree

The first event of the Vilano Fest is a celebration of the 1920’s Art Deco period called the Sea Turtle Soiree. This occasion is all about indulging in a delicious meal and dancing the night away. Additionally, it takes place on the landmarked Vilano Beach Fishing Pier which offers a fantastic view of the Intracoastal Way as well as the sun setting over St. Augustine. The Reef Restaurant, also located on Vilano Beach, is catering the event this year and guests can expect jazzy tunes by locally-famous band, Ramona.

Image is a graphic of a man and woman dancing.

Tour of Homes

Date: November of 2020
Time: 10 am to 5 pm
Location: Begins at Magic Beach Motel
Tickets: $20 per person, must be purchased in advance

The second event of the Vilano Fest is the Tour of Homes. The Tour of Homes is exactly what it sounds like – a tour of the marvelous homes in beautiful Vilano Beach. This year, guests can expect to tour homes with views of the ocean, mid-century beach cottages, as well as a home built by the Vilano Fest’s title sponsor, Generation Homes. Guests are picked up by an Old Town Trolley which then transports riders to different homes. In between homes, guests may stop at the resting area set up at the North Shores Community Center. There they will find music by Chelsea Saddler and Jim Johnston and refreshments from Everything Bagel, Puccini’s Pizzeria, and Beaches.

Image is a graphic of homes.

To purchase tickets, click on the event website link at the top of this page.

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