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Nights of Lights Tours

Nights of Lights tours in St. Augustine are one of the most popular winter activities during the holidays among families, friend groups as well as couples. In fact, exploring the winter wonderland on a tour is a wonderful way to relax and unwind after a busy day of visiting attractions and historical sites. Grab a hot chocolate and a light jacket! The St. Augustine Nights of Lights is a sight for sore eyes that you don’t want to miss.

… from air, land, and sea.

From hundreds of feet above sea level – with nothing but a starry night to distract you – a Nights of Lights tour from a helicopter or biplane allows for unique quality time with your loved ones. Then again, you can always explore the Nights of Lights while remaining at ground level when you partake on a Nights of Lights land tour. You may choose to tour on a horse and carriage ride, on the Old Town Trolley or Red Train, a luxury golf cart, or on a simple walking tour, or one of the many other Nights of Lights land tours. However, St. Augustine is a city unlike any other with an exceptional bay to match it! So, if you’d like a truly unique vessel to explore on than hop aboard a Nights of Lights boat tour. From the bay, there are plenty of opportunities to feast your eyes on the bayfront of the city which appears much like that of a quaint town in a snow globe.

Image contains St. Augustine's skyline lit up in holiday lights.

Nights of Lights tours in St. Augustine are so wonderful that even Santa’s sleigh is jealous.

Take solace in the company of your family and rejoice in sharing holiday traditions during a boat tour; snuggle up with your sweetie as you fly over the Nights of Lights in a helicopter; share laughs and wine with your group of friends while riding in a carriage led by a horse. Let a Nights of Lights tour and the city’s outstanding light display get you in the Christmas mood and brighten your holidays.

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